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Welcome to Parker Family Farms. Here we raise terrific pork. Our farm is nestled between Hillsborough and Roxboro in Northern Orange County. While primarily being a tobacco farm, our daughter Tiffany is now in charge of the hogs on pasture, free range laying hens for egg production,  and cows.  

This farm has been operating under the Parker name for many years. The old family cemetery is a testament of the family history. Like most farms of many years ago, raising hogs on pasture became something of the past. Preserving the welfare of the farm, we have now introduced pigs and chickens back to the farm to make it more profitable.


About The Parkers

Randall and Renee are both Orange County natives and are from farming families. They have raised 4 children in a wonderful farming environment. Tiffany now owns and is in charge of all the animals, minus the cat. Randall and the boys are the work horses behind the farm seeing to all the main duties (manual labor) of running the crops on the farm. Renee helps with the office duties and anywhere else needed. 

 Together they all strive to be good stewards of the land and animals that God has provided and in turn the land and animals give back to make their farm a success.

About the pigs

The pigs are of a mix origin. Pigs were brought onto the farm in 2005. Currently Berkshire cross are being raised. The pigs are fed an all natural diet and are not given any animal proteins, antibiotics, or hormones in their feeds. The pigs have the freedom to roam in the open pastures and graze on a variety of grasses. Pastures are maintained by rotating the animals periodically and reseeding the pastures when necessary. As of April 2015 we are no longer certified by Animal Welfare Approved. We still uphold all the same standards but we have not been able to secure Animal Welfare feeder pigs therefore we are not within compliance of their standards. We do however make sure that the pigs we purchase are of a quality breed and come from farmers who take care of their animals and is someone we trust.

About the chickens

Chickens are free range. Different breeds are raised to have different egg colors and sizes. The chickens are allowed to roam freely about the farm to scavenge for bugs and forages. They are also given free choice of a grain feed mix. Check here for an article about pasture raised eggs. Egg Study

 Currently we are not raising meat chickens.


About our products

Pork is processed by two different USDA inspected facilities. Both of these facilities are Animal Welfare Approved processors. All products are returned in frozen, vacuum sealed packages. Ribs, chops, loin, sausages, liver, roasts, ham steaks (fresh and smoked),  fat back and neck bones are all sold by the pound. All products are natural, no nitrates and no preservatives.

Our farm belief

We believe that we are given the opportunity to serve a community of people who care about their land and where their food comes from. We strive to be better stewards of what we have and to take care of this wonderful home called earth. God created this earth and the animals on it, so we strive to protect them both as much as we can.

Where to find us

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On the farm:

Parker Family Farm

8015 Tilley Road

Hurdle Mills, NC 27541

Tiffany- (919)636.0312






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